The LION 90.7

The LION, anywhere.

The LION's new mobile app lets you listen to Penn State's premier college radio station wherever you are. Free of charge. Now available for iOS.

  • Download App (iOS)

Like to see an Android verson? Let it be known.

  • Home Screen
  • Schedule
  • Lock Scren
  • Always free.
  • Works over 3G/4G/LTE or WiFi.
  • No in-app ads or banners.

Stream Anywhere

The app works over 3G or better cellular networks (standard data rates apply), as well as over WiFi, allowing you to listen wherever you are, not just in State College.

Stay Up-To-Date

With in-app access to the latest radio programming schedule, The LION's Facebook page, and Twitter feed, it's easy to keep updated with everything that's going on at the station.

Share the Sounds

With Bluetooth or AirPlay, it's easy to stream the radio to compatible speakers and home media devices. You aren't stuck with headphones!